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My name is Alessio Augello

I am Alessio, a portrait and fashion photographer based in the vibrant landscape of Tenerife, Spain. My journey into photography began with a desire to explore the realms of human expression and to tell captivating visual stories. Over the years, this passion has evolved into a career where I strive for excellence, constantly pushing the boundaries of creativity and quality in every shot I take.

🌟 Innovation is my driving force: I believe in staying on the cutting edge of the art, blending classic elegance with modern flair. Every project is a blank canvas where I aim to transcend the ordinary, incorporating the latest photography techniques and styles to create something extraordinary.

As a Creative Director at Junglewave Creative Agency, I merge my love for photography with my talent for visual storytelling. This unique combination allows me to envision, design, and execute marketing campaigns that stand out and captivate the audience.

🎨 But there's another facet of my work that fuels my creativity even further - cinematic color grading. I have a profound passion for the art of color correction and enhancement, where every image is transformed into a mesmerizing visual experience. Each color is meticulously chosen to convey mood and evoke feelings, creating a unique cinematic ambiance in every frame.

My commitment to delivering quality extends beyond the lens, ensuring that every project is a masterpiece that clients and audiences can treasure. I believe that the secret to a great image is not just the perfect composition, but the ability to stir the soul.

Thank you for visiting my portfolio. It's not just a collection of photographs but a testament to my relentless pursuit of excellence, innovation, and the magic that happens when creativity meets a lens.

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